Privacy policy

All data you provide to the Facture 123 system are yours and remain your property.

Facture 123 does not disclose your data to third parties.

With the exception of invoices you explicitly choose to e-mail with the Facture 123 interface, none of your invoices can be seen by a third party through our system.

Facture 123 uses Stripe and PayPal for secure financial transactions. Facture 123 does not store any credit card or bank account information.
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At any time, you can download an XML file containing all your data stored on corporate Facture 123 (clients, contacts, invoices, estimates, timesheets, products and business data).

No outdoor advertising is displayed on Facture 123, thus, your information is not transmitted to an ad serving engine.

No unsolicited email are sent.

Facture 123 uses Google Analytics technology on its public pages.
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Linked accounts

When you logi n using a third party, Facture 123 stores your email and your unique third party account identifier. These informations allow the system to log you to your Facture 123 account when you log in with the third party. Your linked accounts are shown in the settings section of your account.