Terms of use

By using the services of Invoicing 123, you agree to the following conditions.

  • Invoicing 123 can not be held responsible for access to your account if you disclose your password.
  • Invoicing 123 uses a daily archiving system. In the event of system failure causing data loss,Invoicing 123 guarantees the recovery of your data from the previous day.
  • Financial transactions are handled through Stripe and PayPal in Canadian funds.
    Read more about the system PayPal
    Read more about the system Stripe
  • Invoicing 123 is compatible with all modern browsers. Some features may not work with osbsolete browsers.

    Suggested browsers :

    1. Chrome from Google
    2. Firefox from Mozilla

    Other supported browsers :

    1. Opera,version 11 or greater
    2. Safari from Apple,version 7 or greater
    3. Internet Explorer from Microsoft,version 10 or greater
  • You must comply to your local laws and regulations regarding business invoicing while using Invoicing 123.
  • You are responsible for the validity of your business data on taxes and information required on an invoice in accordance with the regulations in force in the territory of your business.