FAQ : About Invoicing 123

Why Invoicing 123

The short version:

Unsatisfied with the existing online invoicing systems in 2012, a frelancer starts his own invoicing software. With the help of a frelance designer friend, he creates Invoicing 123 with the following goals:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Reliability
  3. Fair price

The (not so) longer version:

Freelancer since 2005 in performing arts and as a web developer, Emile uses a common word processing software to create his invoices. Needless to say, they feel a bit wobbly. In 2010, he begins to bill sale taxes and starts his quest to find the right invoicing software. This quest will lead him to two main revelations: invoicing software are often too expensive for a freelancer or they lack simplicity and ease-of-use. Emile starts to work on his own online invoicing software that will become Invoicing 123. In 2012, his friend Mohsen, also in performing arts as well as a freelance graphic designer, brings in his ergonomic vision, making the software even easier to use. 

Why is it not free?

Nothing is free!

Free web services are always monetized in a way by business running them. Often through targeted ads or by selling your data. At Invoicing 123, we believe that your invoicing data should not be shared, your data belong to you. That's why we commit to these 2 statements:

  • No ads: we do not and will never display ad on your service.
  • No data sharing: your data won't be sold to external companies.

We keep track of your service usage (pages you visit) to analyse which sections of the service are more used and to improve our software. That's it! We do not look at your invoicing data, unless you grant us written and explicit permission when you encounter a technical problem.

Price of our plans are there to cover for the infrastructure behind Invoicing 123. We believe that with time, and a growing number of users, we'll able to keep our rates as low as they are now.

Is Invoicing 123 as good as a more expensive software?

YES! But don't take our word for granted, try Invoicing 123 yourself for a free trial and tell us about it.

Before we started Invoicing 123, we tried a lot of online invoicing softwares. From free ones to more than 20$/month.

We believe that the needs and means of a freelancer are not the same as a business. In our minds, high prices for an invoicing system seems a poor choice when you target freelancer.

With Invoicing 123, you don't pay for a 24/7 phone support and expensive marketing campaigns. We are freelancers too, not a big business.

In short, our system assess the needs of freelancers and we don't bill you services you don't need. If a tool is missing for you in our offering, contact us and we'll be happy to see what we can do for you!

Do I have to adapt my workflow to Invoicing 123?

Not at all!

Our system is designed to allow you to work in your own way. You separate your work between multiple projects for some clients? It's possible! You don't need projects? No need to create one to make an invoice.

We build our tools keeping in mind not to force you to do it our way and to give you more freedom. We want you to have the best tools for your invoicing, without the hassle of unnecessary steps. 

Where does the name come from?

We help your with your invoicing, in the easiest way possible. Everybody can count up to 3...