Facture 123

The online invoicing software for freelancers and small businesses. Say it out loud: Fact-err [factyr]

We think that invoicing must be simple and fast. We know the reality of being a freelancer as we are freelancers ourselves. For invoicing, speed and simplicity are mandatory so we can devote ourselves to our passion and our billable work.

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Time your work

You bill your hours? Each client may have one or more active timesheet depending on your needs. You know exactly how much you worked and what they owe you.


Bill your client in a click!

Your invoice is created quickly following one of our many templates or even with your own template.


Send your invoice by email!

Nowadays, everybody send their invoices by email.Send your PDF invoice by email with a customized message directly with Invoicing123.



All communications with our servers are encrypted with 256 bits encryption.


Desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone... Your invoices are with you everywhere you need them.


With Invoicing123, your data is safe and secure as backups are kept on different servers.

Manage your sale's taxes

Automatically add taxes to your invoices and get your reports within a few clicks.

Stay in control

You want to leave us? We'll be sad but we won't lock you in. Anytime, you can download a copy a all your data stored in an XML file.

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